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Premium Partnership

We Have a Platform

That Will Supercharge

Your Success

We have created the UK’s very first performance platform that will improve your hiring, internal training with business improvements and cost savings across all areas of your business.

We Work With You to Deliver Your Vision

Talent Pooling

We create a 24/7 attraction and screening process using brand new technology. This automates the advertising to up to 20 job boards where applicants all enter your branded online education and competition designed by us. They can kick start their career in the Fire & Security Industry with you.

Internal Training

We will organize, centralise and redesign any training content you have and give you the very best learning management system (LMS) for your business. Inductions, onboarding and ongoing development will be streamlined to save you time, money and increase the pace in which people improve in your business.

Dedicated Recruitment

You will work with our experienced recruitment team exclusively and directly giving you the competitive edge when hiring experienced people.

Business Improvements

Our team of experts will work on immediate requirements that we collectively identify as opportunities in your business. This spans from operational improvements through to strategy and direction.

The 4 Building Blocks To Sustainable Growth

Our approach is simple: We integrate the solutions for the four main challenges businesses face under one roof. This allows you to work with one partner across all areas of your business.

Our Premium Partnership Approach

Easy Communication

We offer pre-planned calls, video updates on progress and a platform for live chat to ensure you can communicate with us in the way that suits you.

Weekly Performance Reports

Visual reporting is a much better way to get a snapshot of weekly and monthly performance. A 1 minute video for busy professionals works much better than a 10 page PDF.
Data Driven Decision Making

Data Driven Decision Making

Data holds the key to past and future performance so tracking recruitment and business metrics from Day 1 is essential to the success of our partnership. Remove the feeling build on the facts

Benefits That You Can Feel Immediately

Time Savings

We do the heavy lifting and alleviate a huge amount of manual process that you are currently experiencing.

Cost Savings

Our premium partnership price model ensures you fix the cost of recruitment at all levels allowing you to start saving money from Day 1.


The technology we have developed over the last 4 years is ‘best in class’ and has been designed with engagement and automation at its core.


The combination of technology, pre-agreed communication plans and the automation of time consuming processes allow us to increase your efficiencies within days.

Our Partnership With You Will Be Unique

The next step is for you to book a call with our Premium Partnership Team to explore where we could potentially help.