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You have questions, we have the answers!

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions here but if you can’t find the answer you seek please contact our team who will help you.

Can you help me find a new job?

Yes. That’s exactly what we are here for. We would love to help. Please see:

  • List of current job opportunities [link]
  • Career Toolkit to help with your CV, cover letter & job searching process [link]
  • Our blog contains all sorts of useful hints & tips [link]
  • Call us – our number is 01708737744
Is your service free?

Yes. All of our services are free for all candidates looking for their next role. CSR charges clients either a one-off fee per candidate placed or via a monthly charge for our Premium Partnership managed recruitment services.

How do I apply for a job on the website?

It’s easy. Visit our jobs page, read through the job specifications, and if you are excited by the opportunity you can contact the recruiter managing that role directly from the link in the job listing. We would love to hear from you.

Should I apply for all of the fire & security jobs on the website?

If you are unsure about which role is the best fit for you please call us and speak to our team on 01708 737744 who will be happy to discuss your best route forwards.

What happens after I apply for a job?

You will be connected to one of our Candidate Relationship Managers (CRM) so that the same person is with you throughout your entire application process. The procedure will differ depending upon the recruitment processes of the company you are applying to but your CRM will keep you updated at every stage whatever the outcome of your application.

What do I do if I haven't heard back from a job application?

Do not hesitate to contact your Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM) who’ll advise you about timings and your progress. Your CRM will keep you informed at every step of the application process however it works out.

What's the best way to make sure I am considered for an interview?

The best way to make sure you are considered for interview is to follow the best practices in our career toolkit for creating the ideal CV & covering documents. This will help you communicate your skill set to an employer. Alternatively you can always call our recruitment team for advice about the role you’re applying for with CSR. We will be happy to help you.


I have an interview. What should I do to prepare?

We have everything you could want to know about how best to prepare and conduct yourself during an interview in our career toolkit. A well prepared candidate is far more likely to impress a potential employer. Our recruitment team will be happy to let you know anything you need to prepare in advance of your interview too. Talk to us – we’re here to help you.

Can someone review my CV and give me advice?

Yes. If you have 2+ years experience in the Fire & Security industry we would love to help you refresh your CV with the best practices to communicate your skills via our CV review service. If you’ve less than 2 years experience we recommend following the exercises in our Career Toolkit to help you create the perfect fire & security industry CV as well as learning all the essentials you’ll need to progress your career.


Do you offer a career coaching service?

Our recruitment team is here for you. We are happy to talk to you about your career goals and how to achieve them. We are also building an online community for the Fire & Security industry and would love it if you join in.

Can I get a job in Fire & Security if I have a criminal record?

It is important to let us know the details of any criminal convictions. You may still be eligible for the application but it will depend upon the details & circumstances of the offence. Failure to disclose this will result in your application being rejected. If appointed to the role it would also lead to an instant dismissal. Talk to us today to discuss your best options.


Can I get a job in Fire & Security if I have points on my driving license?

It will depend upon the number of points and the role you are applying to. It is important that you declare any points on your license. Call us today and speak to our team who will advise you of your best options.

Do I need the right to work in the UK

Yes, this will need to be in place prior to applying for jobs on this website.


What is a good salary for my role in the Fire & Security industry?

Pay rates vary depending upon experience and the company involved. If you think you’re currently undervalued then perhaps you are. Call our team to discuss your situation. We fully understand the different roles across the Fire & Security industry and will advise you the best way forwards whether that is a new job, further training, or talking with your current company about your salary and benefits options.

Can we meet in person?

It is usually unnecessary to meet in person for the recruitment process. We do offer phone or video communication channels to talk to our recruitment team when required. Potential employers you’ve applied to will likely need to meet you in person in the later stages of the interview process even if the early stages are via a video interview.


How would I get a job at CSR?

If you’d like to start a career in recruitment or progress your current recruitment career then we’d love to hear from you.

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