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How can you guarantee that you hire from within the top 20% of people within the Fire & Security sector? Contact us today or find out more below.

The Top 20% of Talent

You will not find the majority of our candidates on the job boards. We constantly add new contacts into our network to ensure that we can communicate new opportunities to the top 20% of talent within the Fire & Security sector. These are not the active job-hunters but the best people in the industry.

We Understand Your Challenges

We are the most dedicated Electronic, Fire & Security recruitment agency in the market. It is the only sector that CSR work within so we are fully invested in working with and improving Fire & Security recruitment. Our team will go above & beyond to help you achieve your recruitment goals. Put us to the test.

Full Range of Fire & Security Recruitment Services

We understand that recruitment is not a one-size fits all business. Our services are tailored around your needs. Whether you are looking for contract or permanent employees, or looking to fix the price of all of your recruitment throughout the year with our Premium Partner Program, we have the perfect service to fit your needs.

Contact us today to see how we can help drive your recruitment forwards.

Permanent Recruitment

We offer a money back guarantee on all of our candidates placed on a no win / no fee basis. If the person does not work out within eight weeks we give a rebate on our fees. Our success rate is over 96% and we improve that percentage every year so we’re confident you’ll never need it.

100% Dedicated

The Electronic, Fire & Security industry is the only sector we recruit into. We’re passionate about our niche & totally understand the challenges you are facing. This makes us the most dedicated F&S recruitment agency in the market.

Understanding Your Goals

We integrate ourselves into your business to form a deep understanding of your long-term strategy and your goals. We will roadmap the talent if you’re moving into a new market or working on new projects and build a pipeline of exceptional candidates. Recruitment should drive your business forward, not hold you back.

Huge Network of Talent

We have worked within the Fire & Security sector since 2005 & have built up a huge network of exceptional electronic fire and security talent, from labourers to engineers and project managers. We have over 16,000 registered candidates specific to the electronic fire and security industry with an additional network of 3,500 contractors nationwide.

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in the quality of people we place, we offer a money-back guarantee for candidates who don’t work out. We give a rebate on our fees for permanent placements if they don’t work out within eight weeks. With a success rate of more than 96% from 1,500+ placements, we’re extremely confident that you’ll never have to use it.

Contract Recruitment

We have so much confidence in our ability to supply the correct contractors for the job, that we don’t charge for the day if the contractor doesn’t work out. It’s a service we offer but is almost never needed. For Fire & Security contract recruitment, we have you covered.

100% Dedicated

We only contract into the Electronic, Fire & Security industry. We understand the day-to-day challenges you face as we face them too on a daily basis. This makes us the most dedicated F&S contract recruitment agency in the market.

Understanding Your Goals

Our team works as an extension of your business. We work to fully understand your long-term strategy, your goals, as well as your immediate challenges. Recruitment should drive your business forward, not hold you back.

Nationwide Contractor Network

Since the company was formed in 2005 we have worked within the Fire & Security sector and have built up a huge network of professionals. Our network of contractors is over 3,500 people nationwide with an additional network of over 16,000 candidates on our perm database.

Money Back Guarantee

We are fully confident in our ability to supply the right person for the job, so much so that we don’t charge for the day if the contractor is considered to be wrong for the job. Our success rate is so high that we expect you’ll never be in that position but, if you are, we have you covered.

Our Recruitment Process

We have constantly refined & perfected our processes over a long period of time. We invest in new technology and are always looking to push the bounds of what we can achieve in our industry. We are not just looking for someone who can do the job you need, we are looking for the best person – the A-players – that you need to drive your business forwards to hit your short, medium & long-term strategic goals.

We create a tailored solution to match the needs of your project but a typical recruitment sequence would look like this:

1. Defining your needs

We take the time to fully understand you, your company culture & what you are looking for to ensure we find the people who will best fit your business.

2. Search & selection

Our huge network of passive candidates represents the top 20% of talent in the industry. We constantly add new contacts that you will not find on any of the job boards.

3. Shortlisting

Our first interviews examine experience, skills & qualifications. Shortlisted candidates reach a second interview with a focus on attitude, behaviours, values and cultural fit.

4. Video Interviews

We create solo video interviews asking 3-5 questions set by you. No edits or re-recording; what you see is how it happened. If they don’t reach a minimum predefined score, they won’t be taken forward.

5. Candidate Presentation

We present all selected candidates to your hiring manager and arrange 1, 2 or 3-step interviews with the hiring manager and other decision-makers, as defined by you.

6. Due diligence

We review all business and personal references on your behalf to confirm everything is in place for you.

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The Premium Partnership Approach

Our Premium Partnership team have created a first for the Fire & Security industry – a unique performance platform that will improve your hiring & internal training while creating business improvements with a cost saving across all areas of your business.

Any business facing constant recruitment challenges can solve all of their key issues within our new platform. It’s sounds great because it is!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been asked all sorts of things over the many years we’ve operated as a business – whatever your question about recruitment we’d love to have a chat about it. Here’s some commonly asked questions that often crop up:

What are the differences between the recruitment services CSR offers?

Our traditional recruitment model of contingency recruitment works on a no win / no fee basis so a fee is only charged after we have filled your vacancy. Our Premium Partnership takes a different approach by charging a monthly fee to incorporate some of our recruitment staff into your team. The scale of that operation will depend upon your needs. Our contract team supplies subcontractors on short term contracts & ad hoc requests then invoice for each job.

What are the costs involved in the recruitment process?

This will depend upon which of our services that you use. For contingency recruitment a fee of (percentage of basic salary) is charged when a candidate is successfully placed into your company.  Our premium partnership charges a variable monthly fee which has saved some of our Premium Partners 42% against a traditional recruitment model on their yearly recruitment bills. Our contract team work with your charge rates to find the best possible contractor available. Our clients maintain control of their budget by setting the budget for each contract role.

How many CV’s will I receive and how many interviews will I need to do?

This will be agreed when we start working with you to fill your vacancy. We can pre-screen CV’s and conduct the first interviews so that you only need to speak to a shortlist of fully engaged and qualified candidates.  We would usually work to a two stage internal interview process before candidates are submitted. The first interview is a skills & experience based interview. In the second interview skills & experience are re-checked but with a focus on behaviours, attitudes & cultural fit. 

How will CSR make sure that I get the best candidate for the job?

Whether you are a contingency recruitment client, a Premium Partner, or working with our contract team you’ll find our process different to many other recruiters. We do not just search for active candidates via the job boards and send out a list of them. Our team is constantly in contact with the top 20% of staff within the Fire & Security industry which are not actively looking for a new role. We pre-qualify candidates and make sure that every candidate supplied via CSR is going to be a great fit for the role. 

What happens if the new staff member doesn’t work out?

Every new staff member needs to complete a 12 – 24 week probationary period at your company.  If the staff member doesn’t work out for any reason in that time span you will receive a rebate on the fees you paid and we will help you find a replacement. In the unlikely situation that a sub-contractor is unsuitable contact our team immediately so that our team can provide an alternative.

How long does it take to recruit a new staff member?

This can depend on a number of factors. There is an ongoing staff shortage in the Fire & Security industry so new staff members are at a premium. The average time from contacting CSR & having a new member of staff starting at your company is 6 weeks although this is often shorter when the candidate is available immediately.

Why is CSR the most dedicated Fire & Security recruitment agency in the UK?

This can depend on a number of factors. There is an ongoing staff shortage in the Fire & Security industry so new staff members are at a premium. The average time from contacting CSR & having a new member of staff starting at your company is 6 weeks although this is often shorter when the candidate is available immediately.

What are the advantages of using CSR recruitment agency?

We work exclusively with the Fire & Security industry so we have a great knowledge about the market. We have a wide reach within the sector with over 16,000 candidates registered on our database & we have access to all of the advertising spaces that would cost a significant amount to a business were they to attempt the process alone. We can prevent you from making some of the costly mistakes we have seen during our years in the industry by taking all the pressure of recruitment from your team and supplying a shortlist of fully engaged & qualified candidates eager to work with your company.

We Can Help You.

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Whatever your recruitment needs are in the Fire & Security industry, we would love to have a chat about it with you. Pick up the phone & give us a call or contact us on one of the other channels listed here. We look forward to speaking with you!

Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility: This referral scheme is open to individuals who refer candidates not already existing in CSR’s current database.

  2. Referral Process: The referring party must provide the referred candidate’s information through the designated process as outlined by CSR. The referred candidate must register with CSR subsequent to the referral.

  3. Placement Conditions: To qualify for the referral reward, the referred candidate must be placed at a new employer through CSR and complete the agreed-upon rebate period.

  4. Referral Reward: A monetary reward of £250 will be paid to the referring party once the referred candidate has met the above criteria. Payment will be made through a method determined by CSR and within a timeframe communicated at the time of referral confirmation.

  5. Data Protection: Both referring and referred parties agree to the processing of personal information in accordance with CSR’s Privacy Policy.

  6. Limitations: This offer may not be combined with other offers or promotions and is not transferable. CSR reserves the right to modify or terminate this referral scheme at its sole discretion.

  7. Liability: CSR shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or other outcomes resulting from participation in this referral scheme, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

  8. Governing Law: These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom.

  9. Acceptance of Terms: Participation in this referral scheme constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  10. Contact Information: For any questions regarding this referral scheme, please contact CSR at moc.t1695787758nemti1695787758urcer1695787758ytiru1695787758ceset1695787758elpmo1695787758c@oll1695787758eh1695787758.

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