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CSR Salary Survey 2023 Results

Salary Survey 2023 Results

Discover the Unexpected in Our Salary Survey Results!

Get ready for a journey of discovery, where the numbers tell the story of career opportunities and earning potential you never knew existed. Your future might just be brighter than you imagined. Don’t miss out – dive in today and see what you could earn!

Salary Survey Spotlight: Unveiling Industry Trends and Insights

  • Respondents mostly work in the Fire & Security Industry (42%), followed by Security (35%), and Fire (23%).
  • Popular work areas include London (37%), the South East (22%), and the Midlands (20%).
  • 62% of respondents feel their salary is too low, with those in Fire and Security (46%) and Security (32%) most likely to feel this way.
  • Salary variations are influenced by factors like education, system type, experience, location, and role.
  • Higher education, experience, and working with enterprise systems tend to result in higher salaries.
  • London has the highest average salary (£54,000), while junior roles earn less than senior roles.
  • Knowing these factors is essential for employers and employees to ensure fair compensation.
Explore the wealth of insights in our comprehensive salary survey.
Delve into industry breakdowns, regional dynamics, and factors influencing compensation to start shaping your future with confidence.

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