Refer a Friend to CSR and Earn Yourself £250

Fire & Security Pros – would one of your mates be a perfect fit for one of our roles but isn’t on our radar yet? We’ve got just the thing for you – our referral scheme. Earn £250 in a flash – it’s as simple as spreading the word!

Here’s the deal:

  • New Faces Only: Your referral must be someone not already in our current database. We’re seeking the hidden stars of the fire & security world!
  • Registration is Key: After you put in a good word, your friend needs to register with us. It’s quick & easy. 
  • Land the Job: Once they’re placed at a new employer and breeze through the rebate period, the wheels are in motion.
  • Cash in the Kudos: As soon as all that’s wrapped up, you’ll find £250 in your pocket, just for helping a friend find their perfect gig.

Simply Fill Out the Form Below:

Best of all if you know more than one person in the Fire & Security industry you can refer them all and earn £250 for every person that completes all the steps above.

For the terms and conditions of the CSR Referral Scheme please click here.